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What Is Laminate Flooring? An All-Rounder Flooring Solution

Laminate flooring offers many benefits. It’s strong and durable, meaning it’s ideal for nearly any homeowner. Whether you have children, pets or regular foot traffic, you’ll benefit from its tough nature. Laminate tends to look very similar to wooden flooring, but there are a few differences. Let’s take a look at what sets this flooring material apart from the rest.

How Is Laminate Flooring Made?

Laminate is made up of several layers of material. The bottom layer is essentially a plank. This provides structure and makes sure the floor sits level. On top of that, there’s a ‘core’ made of fiberboard. This section has the ‘locking’ system in, which ensures each section of the floor slots together nicely. A printed layer is on top, which usually replicates the look of wood or stone. Finally, a durable layer of resin coats the top.

All of these layers are fused together using pressure and high heat. Thus, they are laminated.

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Where Can You Use Laminate?

Because laminate flooring is so hard wearing, it can be used almost anywhere in the home. It’s most popular in hallways, living rooms and kitchens, but there’s no reason why you can’t use it elsewhere. There are even ranges that are designed to work in bathrooms and wet rooms. Laminate is safe for use with underfloor heating systems as well, so it’s extremely versatile.


Maintaining laminate flooring is incredibly simple. You can vacuum and sweep as normal to get rid of any debris. The best way to get any further muck off is to mop with a mild detergent. More stubborn stains can be worked on with a cloth and a specialist cleaning product. However, we would always recommend spot-testing a small area first before using any new products on your floor.

When marks are cleaned up quickly, they won’t usually stain laminate flooring. Regular care and maintenance is key to keeping it looking fresh.

For Laminate Flooring, Choose Floorium

We supply a huge range of floor types, including laminate. If you’re looking for the stylish appearance of wood or stone but would like better durability, this is a great choice for you. Contact us today to benefit from our free measuring service and affordable fitting prices.

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